There are so many ways you can get creative and find more money right now.

It’s one of the things I dive deeper with in my new program Monetize Your Mess.

As I have been preparing the final touches, I thought I would share 3 ways to find more money right now with you.

Number one is my favorite.

Of course it is because it deals with the IRS. LOL.

If you have a W2 job and you always get a tax refund, did you know you can adjust you W4 with your employer, so you get more money monthly in your paycheck and not at the end of the year?

Why is this important?

Why do you NOT want to let the IRS keep your money all year and justify it as some savings plan?

Because they don’t pay you interest.

They keep your money for free.

If you’re that bad at saving, you can also create an automatic withdraw with your employer or your bank to your savings.

Even with a low interest savings account, you’ll be making more money throughout the year.

You can also invest it to make more money.

Start that business or finally have an emergency fund.

Either way, the IRS keeping it is not the best option.

Number two.

Did you know that if you call the cable company and tell them you’re having a hard time paying your bill and you’ll have to shut it off completely, they will offer you a new deal or temporary savings for a few months?

Yep, we’ve done that several times when things were rough.

And it wasn’t just reducing services.

We actually got straight up savings for months.

Make sure you mention a competing company you have checked out with much lower prices.

That works wonders too. LOL.

Number 3.

Here’s a financial and health hack.

Stop drinking coffee and soda.

For most people that saves an average of $150.

For some of you Unicorn coffee lovers, that maybe even bigger savings. LOL.

Too much coffee and soda is actually bad for you body and your bank account.

I’m not saying cut it out all together, unless you want big changes to how you feel about yourself and your bank account.

I’m saying at least cut it back to once a week.

That’ll do wonders for your health and your wealth.

If you’re struggling financially right now, these things will help while you look for ways to create more money.

I am not one of those penny pinching, beans and rice financial gurus who only believes in cutting back and lack.


Not me.

I want to teach you how to create more money with the gifts and talents God has given you AND make smart + intuitive financial decisions.

I believe in both.

I believe in focusing on creating more money more than anything because what you focus on grows.

If you focus on cutting back and cutting back, you’ll only get more lack.

I know, because that’s what happened to us and what led us to bankruptcy and food stamps.

I really do get it.

Use these financial hacks right now so you can find more money and then start looking for ways to increase your income.

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