Earlier this year I really felt the pull that we were going to move sometime in the near future.  In January I had a strong desire to start looking for houses for sale.  At the time I wanted to stay in Lake Mary, so I did a search.  I found the first house we built together and lived in for many years was for sale.   This was the start to our multi million dollar construction and real estate company, plus the home where so much of our tainted past happened.  
I was a little shocked to see it for sale.  A small amount of sadness for what was once surfaced, but God began to draw me in for a closer look.  
I immediately saw that it had been painted, the landscaping had been upgraded and I even noticed the front entry had been completely redone including very high end exterior floor. 
Then I went to look at the inside of the home and I was shocked.  The entire house had been completely renovated with the highest quality flooring, cabinetry and finishes.  Even the pool had a huge upgrade and looked gorgeous. 
As I began to take note of the beautiful remodel of this home which held so many wonderful AND painful memories, I came to the master suite.  This room had been the central hub for our family, both good and bad.  I have wonderful memories of Paul’s oldest boys and Alexis all sleeping on the floor with us because we are so close. Even though we had this huge house, we slept many nights all together in this bedroom.  We even had a Fridge and microwave in the room.  LOL.  
I also have memories of staying up for days on end, drinking heavily, drugs and private parties in this room. It held a mix of beauty and pain.  
Then I found my way into the master suite bathroom and almost immediately I began to have tears in my eyes as I saw the beautiful upgrade it had.  I could no longer see the physical location where I experienced the lowest point in my entire life.  Right here in this bathroom is where I attempted to take my own life 12 years ago.  I barely remember sitting on the black and white tiled floor as the paramedics hooked me up to their equipment and took me away.  
As I began to realize all of this, God showed me how even the bathroom counters went from regular cabinets to a beautiful high end vanity.  The floors, walls and shower had all been transformed as well. It was totally unrecognizable, much like my own life.   God spoke to my spirit and showed me how the same had happened to me emotionally and spiritually.  The hurting young woman who sat on that bathroom floor that day was completely unrecognizable and entirely restored to her intended beauty. 
Then I glanced up on the wall above the garden bath tub and I saw something that shocked me.  I saw the wall decor and it was shaped like a Queen’s crown.  I knew what God was saying.  I am the Queen He intended me to be.   It was time to start receiving what He has for me.  
For those of you who don’t know, through God’s Inspiration I wrote the Warrior Queen Manifesto right before finding my old house for sale.  You can find it here on my website.  
It’s a beautiful correlation to the rennovation of myself and my old house.  A beautiful expression of what God can do through a person who fully surrenders to the will and purpose of God in their life.  A beautiful display of beauty from ashes. 
I invite you to read it today and if you haven’t watched my new 3 part video series, join me on that journey as well because it’s time.  It’s time to let go of what’s behind you and move forward to what’s before you.  It’s time to live up to your God given potential.  It’s time to rise up like the warrior Queen you are! 

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