I am SO excited about what just happened!

As you know, we have been living in pretty much an empty house and sleeping on air mattresses. After what is going on in Florida, we feel blessed to have a safe and dry home, but it was so starting to feel a little more than just the normal “weirdness” I often experience.

We haven’t even had any real desire to start looking for furniture until just a couple of days ago. We started talking about options and what the priority would be since we basically need a whole house of furniture.

I was feeling this urge to have a more feminine space, but I wasn’t sure how that would happen. We have a room in the upstairs hallway that we will use for a game room, so I knew that wasn’t an option. I asked Paul if he would be ok with not doing a TV in the downstairs family room and having more formal furniture. He wasn’t too keen on that, go figure, LOL.

I was feeling very conflicted and realizing how I have never had a space that is girly and just mine in all of these years. I wasn’t as feminine years ago so the desire would not have surfaced and we always used the formal living room in our home as an office, but something was different now. I have been surrounded by BOYS (A LOT OF BOYS, LOL) for so many years and now that Alexis is on her own and they live several states away, the boy box I am living in seems to be shrinking by the minute, LOL.

Then earlier today a miracle arrived via email.

I was about to get on a call when I saw an email from Walmart. Oh how I have such a love hate relationship with Walmart, LOL. I was literally about to hit unsubscribe when God said, “no, don’t, scroll down”, so I did. To my surprise in the ad there was a link to a “Glam Getaway”.


That sounds like EXACTLY what I need to escape from all these boys. Is there a “no boys allowed” option that comes with that? Sign me up please! Table for one!

So I click to explore the glam getaway and find a beautiful oasis of hyper femme furniture that is also completely branded for me! It’s like a gift straight from heaven sent just in time to save this girly girl from the box of boys she lives in. LOL

Then it hits me. We don’t really need the dining room. Paul and I discussed this especially because this is a little smaller and will only fit a table for 8. Our eat in kitchen is huge and we have a huge bar, so we can have 12 to 15 people in there and that keeps us all together when the whole family is here. So we can turn the dining room into my GLAM GETAWAY! WOOHOO!

And I can create my own private recording studio that is fully on brand, so I don’t need an outside office anymore. I wasn’t really feeling like I wanted one again, but I knew I needed a space to “get away”, so now I can have both a glam get away and a glam studio!

So I begin feverishly shopping to create my glam getaway. Look at all the amazing things it will have including branded pillows, a gorgeous fur chair and a chaise lounge that I have always wanted!!

I AM SO EXCITED!!! Be sure to check back soon for pictures and an update of the new Glam Getaway in my house!

My glam get away is exactly what I will need to feel like a girl, to have quiet time and to record awesome videos! And this comes at the perfect time since things are literally about to explode!!

I am feeling so thankful as well as excited!

It’s funny to me how an amazing gift showed up in my life that I didn’t really know I wanted, yet desperately need and really LOVE. I wonder how many blessings God has waiting for us that we never make room for because of our limited thinking?

How much more can “show” up in our lives when we simply pay attention to what is happening around us and listen to that still small voice?

How much are we limiting ourselves because all we train ourselves to see is the negative?

Did you know that your thoughts trigger a perpetual cycle of more thoughts if you don’t actively choose to think them and they set you on a course you may not even want to? Did you know YOU get the power to choose what you think?

Stay tuned for a life changing video series I am releasing next week that is going to help you change your thoughts, so you can change your finances AND your life!


Much love & belief,

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