Yesterday I went back to the jewelry store to take a look at all of my diamonds she had pulled out of my wedding ring.  It was really interesting to see the diamonds all by themselves. The first thing I thought was how different they looked.  Energetically I could feel a difference as well. They felt “free”.  Ironic, right?

She brought the bag out with the broken gold from my wedding ring and it felt old and junky.  Much like my former self.  It’s like the diamonds were a beautiful representation of the purging I have just done releasing all the old junk that had to go emotionally and physically.   I could literally hear God confirming this as I looked at the bag.   Doesn’t it look old and junky?



My diamonds on the other hand sparkled like never before.  I could literally see them shining brighter than I had ever seen them, just like I must be releasing all this last “stuff”.   This has been such a beautiful journey with myself and the most momentous jewelry I have, my wedding ring.   This picture doesn’t do them justice, but when they are in the new setting, you will see jut how bright they now are.



On another exciting note, we decided to also make a new ring for my tanzanite cocktail ring.   Paul took me on a cruise to Cozumel where he proposed on the deck of the cruise ship. Then while we were in Mexico, he bought me a gorgeous trillion cut tanzanite set with diamonds.  I have always loved that ring because of the stone, but also because it being his engagement gift to me.  You will remember it pictured here the day God said to take them off and get rid of them all. 



I am SO excited to not only be having a new wedding set made, but also a right hand cocktail ring all from my original jewelry.  This has been such a beautiful display of what can happen when we fully surrender to God’s plan for our lives and how He can turn ashes into beauty.  

My new jewelry will look even more amazing than they did before and that’s exactly what happens when we allow God into our hearts and our lives.   We may have obstacles to go through, things we have to let go of and crazy things we have to do, but when we put our trust in God, He will do amazing things in our lives.  

Are you ready to rise out of the mess and the ‘old’. New beginning are not just for New Years Resolutions that no one keeps. New beginnings are felt in your heart and mind. You’ll know when it’s time for your journey. 

Are you ready to kick the old to the curb, and embrace the life that God has planned for you?

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