It’s official, I am supposed to get rid of ALL my jewelry, including my wedding ring.  It will be the last things from my past, so I guess it makes sense.   What a story it is that I am about to share with you.

I had recent thoughts that perhaps the jewelry had to go as well.  It is technically part of my past, but my wedding ring too?  Really?  I couldn’t deny the feeling in my spirit every time I saw a picture of my ring as I purged photos from the past, but it just seemed crazy.  The other jewelry I didn’t feel as bad about, but my wedding ring seemed sacred.  Why would God lead me to do that?  Was this a test of obedience like Abraham sacrificing Isaac on the altar?   

I’ve always said that “things” did not matter. I do enjoy beautiful things, but it is obvious I am being asked to “prove” things do not have me.  What we do says more about what we believe then what we say.  This is a principle I teach about limiting beliefs especially around money.  If you say one thing, but your action states another, it’s not what you really believe.  Do things REALLY not have a hold on me or is that just something I say to make myself feel better?

Now it’s time to see.

So I took off my jewelry and prepared to be led to get rid of them knowing full well I will not get anywhere close to their value or what I paid for them even though they are good pieces of jewelry. 

The cost of these pieces was about $15,000, it’s all appraised at a lot more, but I was told at the first place I tried to sell them that doesn’t matter.   The first place wanted to give me $1200.  As I stood on the other side of the counter my heart sunk.  I was actually feeling “ok” about getting rid of them if I could get something in place of it, even if it was smaller.  However, I knew $1200 wouldn’t get me much.  I left the store dismayed.  

I went to the next place (a pawn shop) and I really felt God leading me here, so there was a glimmer of hope that this would be better.  By the time I got there, I had surrendered to the fact that perhaps I wasn’t supposed to get something new and I had to be “ok” with that.  I felt that I was.  I was just going to take whatever I got and leave my past behind me.  Right before I arrived at the pawn shop in downtown, my head turned to the right and I saw “Tower Jewelry”.  The sign said “we buy gold and diamonds”.  It was an estate jewelry store just like the one we bought my wedding ring at.  My spirit lept as I felt maybe, just maybe there’s a ram in the bush for me, but they were closed. I kept going to the pawn shop.

When I arrived it was a horrible and sad feeling.  A place filled with people’s old things usually sold out of desperation.  I know because I have been there myself.  Many times before as the economy was crashing, we had to sell things just to eat.  I know the emotion all too well.

When I handed over my stuff I was hopeful and I was just going to take what I got.  I was thinking perhaps this place will be more, but even if it’s about the same, I will take it.  It actually ended up worse.  They only wanted to give me $700.  OH MY GOODNESS I thought to myself.  The guy said, have you tried Perry’s and I said no, I’m new here.    I knew I wasn’t supposed to sell them here, so I walked out more confused than ever.  I had peace, but I also still had my jewelry. 

When I got back in my car, I decided to look up Perry’s.  It was a decent jewelry store that even had an eBay store, so I thought this must be the place.  I will definitely get more here than anywhere.  I decided to go the next day because Paul had dinner almost ready. 

The next day Paul had to register at the local Veterans Facility. I went with him and they had a “last minute” appointment that day.  Last minute.  More like divine. Nothing is an accident.  I told him while he waited, I would go to Perry’s because it “just happened” to only be a few minutes away.  I felt amazing because I would finally be able to get rid of everything from my past and move on.

I put the address in the GPS and set my course.  When I got to my destination per the GPS, nothing was there.  It was just a street.  I kept driving and nothing.  I drove the circle of this big building and nothing.  I started to get frustrated.  I just wanted to get rid of this stuff and move on with my life.  I hasn’t worn the jewelry in two days and I had no desire to put it back on.  I had already emotionally disconnected from them.  (Did you know you make an energetic connection with everything you touch?  That’s why car dealers just want you to test drive the car.)

Now I am getting more frustrated because I have been driving around and around for almost an hour.  I finally pull over to a gas station because now I need gas.  (Eye roll, LOL). I call my friend who knows about the jewelry and she says, maybe this is just a test.  Maybe it is.  I am obviously not finding this place today and now Paul is ready to go.

We go home and by the next morning, I still have no desire to put any of the jewelry back on and I think I should still get rid of it.  I talk to my friend again and she says, maybe that wasn’t the place. Maybe there’s somewhere else.  As soon as she said that, a flash of the Tower Jewlerly store came into my mind.  I knew God was saying “this is the place”.

I decide to make one last trip to Tower Jewelry and accept my fate, whatever that may be.  Paul is ok with the idea at first, but he’s thinking twice and a little on edge because of the value of my stuff.

When I arrive at the jewelry store and pull into the parking space, I look down at the speedometer and it says 28,888.  8 is the number of new beginnings and abundance.  And there are 4 of them.  What are the odds it flips to that RIGHT when I pull into the parking spot and why am I looking at my speedometer.  LOL. 



I feel amazing and ready to see what God has for me.  The store is so cute. They sell vintage furniture in the front and they have beautiful new and estate jewelry.  It totally reminds me of the store in Charleston where we bought my ring.  It’s also family owned, which I love because we prefer to support other small businesses.  


When I go to the counter and ask about how buying jewelry works, they share with me and ask me why I am wanting to sell it.  Without trying to sound crazy, I tell the really nice lady it’s time for a whole new start.  She looks at me a little puzzled.  I don’t blame her.  I told her if I could trade it in and get something else, that would be my preference.  They will also give me more on a trade in, so that’s a good start.   I also see a few rings I would love, so I am feeling hopeful.

She ask me about my wedding ring and if I had the certification.  I told her yes and she said good because we can give you a lot more.  Great I say, so I text Paul to find it.  Except he can’t find it and now he’s agitated with me because he knows I will get less.  He blames me for throwing away the paper in the purge.  He’s right. I accidentally did, but I know if God wanted me to have it, I would.  The woman is on the phone with her mother the owner going over everything.  I tell her I don’t have the papers.  She looks sad and so do I. 

After what seems like an eternity, she gets off the phone.  We meet at the counter with my jewelry.  She explains to me that it’s all old jewelry and out of style.  She says they would just scrap the gold and sell the diamonds.  As she’s talking, I am preparing for the worst because it’s not starting off great.  She said they would give me $3,000 as a trade in, which I am estatic about, but there’s not much I can get there for that cost. She then goes on to say, my mom and I have a better idea.  What if we keep your diamonds and make you something new?

My ears perk up, but I’m thinking it’s probably going to cost money that I don’t have right now because of this move and this purge.

She goes on to tell me that she can make me something even more beautiful that will make my diamond shine like never before because the existing setting wasn’t doing it justice.  The setting was actually covering up the diamonds.  The solitaire and the princess cut ones.  She further explains that she will have enough gold and diamonds to make me a beautiful solitaire, two stackable bands for me AND a new ring for Paul!!!  We lost Paul’s ring to a pawn shop many years ago when we couldn’t afford to buy it back.  I always felt horrible about that.   OMG!

This sounded amazing, but I’m waiting for the shoe to drop with the price.  I ask, “How much will this cost?”   She says. Nothing.  NOTHING I say?   Nothing.

It’s literally a miracle and I am in tears

This is the most beautiful way to let go of my past and get something new.  Re use all of my diamonds, purify the gold and create new rings for us.  How amazing is God?

Can you see all the symbolism in this journey?

My diamonds were covered up with too much gold, so their natural brilliance was muted.  Much like what our life experience has done to us.  It’s distorted the original beauty God created us to be.  

Removing all the excess covering will restore the diamonds.  Like removing all the excess emotions and stuff we use to cover up our junk will restore our inner beauty.  

Taking out the diamonds and purging the junk will allow for something more beautiful to be created.  Beauty for ashes like the gold being purified in the fire.  Just like in our lives when we allow God to put us through the fire, we come out like gold.  

I am SO excited to see the new jewelry and to share it with you. 

I know life is complicated, we don’t always get what we want and God works in mysterious ways, BUT, when you fully surrender to the will and purpose of Him in your life, something beautiful happens.  You truly get beauty for ashes.  


Blessings & Belief!!

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