If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that I keep my mornings sacred. I have a saying, “I work on myself before I work on my business.”

It all started when Isaac was about a year old. I laid out a routine that would work well for him, which meant spending time with him in the morning because he would nap in the afternoon. I could then focus on spending time with him not being distracted. When it was time to work, I could get way more done when he was asleep.

The first thing I do before any of that, is get quiet, meditate, pray and ask for Divine inspiration. It was through this design over the last few years, that I have learned how to lean into divine inspiration instead of trying to force things to happen. I haven’t perfected that yet, however, the reason I am where I am today is because of that pursuit. It’s more about the pursuit than the perfection.

My mornings have become sacred for me, because I have learned I can only do all things with God’s help. Isaac is older now, so I spend more of my mornings in my creative flow, but family breakfast is still our priority.

This morning I was sitting outside on the back deck and I “just happened” to look up in a tree and see a squirrel climbing to the top. More like God prompted me–do you realize how often God is leading you by His spirit? He’s always speaking, are you listening?

After I saw the squirrel, I felt the prompting to look up what they symbolize. One of the ways that God speaks is through animals and their behavior. You can learn a lot from nature.

I already know squirrels are known for having fun, talking a lot and storing away for “rainy days”, but I learned something today I never knew. They store away 10% of what they gather for the winter months. Winter months are when things don’t grow as much; so, to eat during the winter months, the squirrel saves 10% of what they find.

Saving 10% of our income is not a new concept, but here is the twist and revelation that I had today and why it hit me so hard. I will be honest, I have never liked the concept of saving 10% forever and I’ve never done it. It just never felt right, along with a host of other traditional masculine based principles.

I felt like it was burying my talent out of fear. Why? Because it’s based out of lack, not abundance. And that’s not what the squirrel does. The squirrel does not store 10% away forever and NEVER touch it. The squirrel stores away 10% for the leaner months, but he plans on using it just as a back up when he knows things don’t grow as much. The squirrel understands creation. The squirrel knows THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE GROWTH and they understand the circle of life; More importantly the circle of creation.

The squirrel does not live in poverty wondering when the next nut will grow or wondering if there will be enough nuts this fall. No! He understands things keep growing and are sustained, even though he may not understand how. He just has faith and only stores away 10% when he knows the cycle demands it. How much can we learn from the squirrel?

Faith. Abundance. Creation. Preparation. It’s all there with the squirrel. Ironically.

I have set aside money in my business during high income months because of this. I am now going to be more intentional about that 10% like the squirrel, BUT only in preparation for the leaner months. For me the leaner months are summer, but it can vary business to business. There are seasons in life, each year and in the economics of business. I studied this a ton in under graduate and graduate school.

Now I feel like a piece of understanding that has been missing and what I need to create authentic plans for managing and creating money has been found!! I am so excited about adding this to my new signature program Monetize Your Mess! This is going to round out the teaching and balance of the masculine principles I have struggled with for years!!!

Funny how it came just before we finalize the course. God is never late. He may not be that early either, lol, but He’s never late!

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